Big Heart Chef In home meal service loves to make your favorite cookies

Big Heart Chef In home meal service loves to make your favorite cookiesReviews for Big Heart Chef In home meal service

Reviews for Big Heart Chef In home meal service

” Gayle Cureton’s short ribs are the BEST.”

~ Gin

“Chef Gayle’s soups are the best I’ve ever tasted!”

~ Darby Moss Worth




“Gayle is an angel chef. She pays attention to what you want and makes sure you get it! She’s reliable, clean, talented and a joy to be around. Most of all, all food she handles is handled with love. I wish I could thank her to the extent I know she deserves!”

~ Kim Von Berg

“My family’s experience with Gayle have all been wonderful! Her menu selections are varied, food preparation is clean and efficient, and the food is delicious! Dishes were also served with thoughtfulness and grace. Gayle’s “BigHeart” business really lives up to it’s name! Thank you Gayle.
PS her breaded rack of lamb has always been my family’s favorite!”

~Cheryl Trotter

‘My Mother loved food. She was an enthusaistic and good cook. Finding a way to get her food that she liked when she could no longer cook for herself was a REAL challange! What a blessing it was for us when Gayle started up BigHeart! Gayle made JUST what Mother wanted, cheerfully, and quickly. When she departed, the kitchen was always cleaner than when she arrived, the fridge was filled with delicious things for the week ahead, and Mother was uplifted by Gayle’s heartfelt connection. Working with  Gayle is a nourishing experience in every way!”

~ Ann Petit for Jane Shedlin

Bon Appetit!

We were tired – so run down.
The thought of cooking made us frown.
But then we heard about “Big Heart”.
They’ll cook full meals or a la carte.
Now we get to eat a lotta
Enchiladas, quiche, and frittata,
Pasta, meatballs, crepes, and chicken,
Everything is finger lickin’!
Turkey, shrimp, and beef and pork…
And all we do is lift a fork!
For “Big Heart” does the work, you see,
The stove’s no more our enemy.
So pick a menu. It’s your choice.
then eat, relax, and yes, rejoice!
Thank you, Gayle and Elsbeth!
  – Your Happy Diners, Karen R. and Ruth H. (Mom)


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