Chef Gayle CuretonPersonal Chef Gayle or a professional member of our team of chefs will arrive at your home at a mutually selected time and day of the week for your initial FREE consultation. If it is determined that Big Heart In-Home Meal-Services will suit your needs, a regular weekly day and time will be established where a personal menu for the week will be written and prepared right in your own kitchen.

On your service appointment date, a shopping list will be created. Your Big Heart Personal Chef will Ingredients and SoupPot go to the market of your choice to purchase the necessary food items to fulfill your meal preparation needs for the week.

Once your Personal Chef returns to your home, they will prepare and package food items for your fridge or freezer to enable you to have the foods you enjoy throughout the week at your convenience!

All Big Heart Personal Chefs are Certified Food Handlers in the state of California and are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. We insure that all food preparation will be done in accordance to the health and safety rules required.

This entire process typically takes 3 – 4 hours from start to finish per service visit.

Cost: $250.00 per service visit + food costs