Personal Chef Gayle CuretonChef Gayle Cureton started her Personal Chef and culinary career in the early 70’s working for lunch service restaurants in the financial district of San Francisco, CA. After moving up to full dinner chef and simultaneously operating two hotel kitchens, she moved into a more serene environment as Chef at the Mission Ranch Resort in Carmel, CA.

Looking for adventure and a daytime position, Chef Gayle moved on to renovate the Thunderbird Book Shop Cafe in the Barnyard Shopping Village in Carmel California. As the head chef she became famous for her Popovers and Turkey Pot Pies. During this time she found many of her local customers to be seniors, where  a new level of service was recognized.

A new opportunity arose that enabled her to serve the senior community as Personal Chef at The Carmel Foundation where she found much joy and fulfillment for 16 years. In a continuing drive to more intimately serve the senior community, Chef Gayle has taken the initiative to create her own service oriented business where she and her team of chefs can further be of service to those in need. Thus, Big Heart In – Home Meal Services was born. We look forward to serving you!

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