Is Big Heart In-Home Meal Services for YOU?

…or is this service for the adult children of aging parents?

As life goes on, many of us are faced with the decision to take measures that allow our aging parents to remain in their own home, or put the home on the market to finance a residential care facility.  One of the main reasons seniors are forced to move out of their lovely homes and comfort zones is because of meal preparation failure.  Many care givers are not experienced with meal preparation beyond toast and jam for breakfast, and a bowl of canned soup for lunch.  Big Heart In-Home Meal Services is a cost effective way to provide one hearty dinner meal per day with little effort by the care giver. This is one way to provide not only meal satisfaction, but also peace of mind for the adult children of aging parents.  By allowing our parents to stay in their beloved home, we ensure their comfort, and save on the cost of residential care.  Not only that, the home we grew up in stays in the family for future generations to enjoy!